Professional Website

ONLY $50 / month

Designed by Artists | Maintained by experts

Don’t settle for a page builder that you have to configure and design yourself.  Get a professional-grade site @ only $50 per month plus a one-time setup fee of $0. Let our artists and technical team take care of your site, so you can focus on your profession.

all-in-one package

We built this amazing service for businesses who are small or just starting up and need a professionally designed website at an affordable price. We didn’t stop there though. We thought about every aspect of your digital storefront, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

We included free managed hosting that is fast and reliable. Website updates so you don’t have to hire anyone to update your website or worry about it crashing from an update. Free site edits for additions like blog post, menu updates, or any other small text/image changes your may need each month. We are your personal IT Team when it comes to your website with our all-in-one package.

Designed website

site updates/edits

managed hosting

personal it team


We don’t require any commitments or any contracts. Cancel anytime. 

This is your digital storefront

As more and more businesses transition to primarily online marketplaces, and consumers increasingly rely on the web for shopping and business transactions, the importance of having an updated and relevant website is growing exponentially. You can think of a website just like a physical storefront or office. It is critical to keep it clean, functional, and modern to attract new clientele. 

Select Your Industry

Food / Drink Industry

Own a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, brewery or anything else in the food & drink industry? This package is great for you.

Professional Industry

Own a professional business such as a law firm, accounting firm, sanitation, construction, consulting, spa, etc… This is your package.

Ecommerce Store

Already own an Ecommerce store or want to start selling your products online? This package is great for you.

valuable features

SEO Optimization

We included basic SEO such as page titles, meta descriptions, & optimized URLs.

site analytics

View important site analytics from your phone. Powered by Google Analytics.

Email set-up

We will set up any custom emails you may want. Ex:

SSL encryption

We include SSL encryption with all of our websites to keep your information secure.

responsive design

All of our sites are designed to work on a wide range of mobile devices and desktops.

ux/ui focused

Your website will be designed for conversion AND aesthetics.

amazing benefits

4 Small Jobs/Edits per Month

If you need menu changes, weekly specials, image swaps, or any quick edits to your site; we can handle all of that for you up to 4 times per month.

1 Publishing Job per Month

If you have a monthly blog that needs publishing or a portfolio on your website that needs an additional project added; we will handle that once per month.

3 Product Adds per Month

If you own an E-commerce store and select our E-commerce package we will add up to 3 products per a month for you, just send us the images and info.

how it works

Select Your Package

Once you select a package and enter your payment info you will receive an email from us within 12 hours requesting content and branding information so that we can begin the website build.

Submit Your Content

After you complete your order, we will email a content form to get some more information about your business to start construction on your site.

Take Ownership of Your New Site!!!

Officially take ownership of your new website. Post about it on social media, share with friends, get the word out, and show off your new, professionally designed website!

one time fee
per month
day turnaround

Powered by the best


All of our sites are powered by the most popular CMS on the web.


The most powerful and popular builder supported on WordPress

Veerotech Hosting

One of the most reliable hosting companies available.

google analytics

One of the biggest data companies providing you analytics.



If you already own a website and would like to transfer your web services over to us to give your site a face-lift, only pay $175! 

Our Work


the breakdown

Professional Website

Managed Features

We include amazing benefits for each industry: 4 Small Jobs/Edits per Month or 1 Publishing Job per Month or 3 Product adds per Month. Just pick  the feature of your choice during the ordering process and let us handle the rest.

Full Maintenance


Do I own my website?

Under our current subscription plans we manage, update, host, and design your website, retaining all admin rights by necessity. If you would like to take over the site, move it to your own hosting, and obtain admin privileges, we have buyout plans available.

How can I buy my website files if I want to transfer services?

Website buyout costs decrease linearly relative to the length of your subscription history. If you have been a subscriber for 12 months, the buyout price would be $1500; after 24 months $1000; and $500 any time after 36 months. The initial value of a subscription site is $2500.

What happens if you stop decide to stop offering this service?

Since this is a new service, we actually hear this question a lot. It is understandable that people are worried about what might happen to their site if we decide to stop offering subscription services (though we do not see that happing!). If catastrophe struck and we had to stop offering this service, our customers would be the first priority. Your site would stay live with no service interruptions and we would give you admin access to the site which provides the ability to transfer the service to a new provider as you see fit or maintain the site yourself.

Is this just a cookie-cutter a template site? Will my site look different from other websites?

While we do put together a collection of baseline site layouts to improve our production efficiency (which is what allows us to offer this great service!), we guarantee your site will be uniquely “you”. These layouts just act as a blank slate for your brand and image and you don’t have to worry about our other site builds looking too much like yours.

How is this different from other services like Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, etc…?

Our subscription packages are similar to these services to the extent that we offer hosting and maintenance for a small monthly fee. However, there are several critical factors that set our offering apart.

  • Our team of designers will do ALL of the design for you. You don’t need to spend your valuable time figuring out how to build a good-looking, professional website. You can focus on your business while our designers take care of the site.
  • Our sites are all built on the WordPress platform. This is the single largest platform on the web and is utilized by most major organizations. The platform will easily scale with your business no matter how big you get. This means that you will not have to migrate your site from a small Wix or Squarespace site as you grow. WordPress sites are also viewed more favorably by Google and are better optimized for appearing in top search results (which equates to more visibility on the web).


/ mo
  • Professionally Designed Website
  • Managed Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Personal IT Team
  • Free Edits/Publishing
/ mo
  • Professionally Designed Website
  • Managed Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Personal IT Team
  • Free Edits/Publishing
/ mo
  • Professionally Designed Website
  • Managed Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Personal IT Team
  • Free Edits/Publishing

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